From the Robin Wood deck

The 6 Wands – what a beautiful card to start with. Acclaim, recognition. The warrior returns triumphant. And all this adulation is deserved. No need for false modesty, just accept it as your due.

 I had a quiet day, with not much acclaim going on, but I felt really lifted every time I looked at this card.

 What strikes me most about it today is the homecoming aspect, because the other thing I did today was choose my flower essence – Tall Yellowtop – and in its description Ian White talked about the belated parade for the Vietnam veterans to explain the negative and positive aspects of the essence.

 The negative condition of Tall Yellowtop is alienation, loneliness and a sense of isolation, while its positive outcome is a sense of belonging, an acceptance of Self and others and the sense of knowing that one is ‘home.’

Interestingly, I also learned that the Solar Plexus Chakra, associated with the development of the Ego’s boundaries – and therefore of one’s sense of ‘place’ in the world – is said to open around the age of four… precisely when we left Australia for Hong Kong. It would be remarkable if such an upheaval at that age did not have a huge impact on my developing Self and it is interesting that my Tarot journal opens with such an insight.

Since I have identified a weakened Solar Plexus Chakra as the source of my hormonal imbalance, it appears to me that there are issues to be dealt with that go back all the way to my childhood, when I found myself lost and alone in a strange land.

In finally returning to my home country, it is interesting that I carefully avoided a sense of ‘coming home,’ painfully aware that it could turn out to be a disappointment to one who has spent a lifetime not quite fitting in!

 Today, therefore, the 6 Wands signifies my homecoming parade!