From the Robin Wood deck

Kate my younger daughter came home from her school trip to Canberra today and the 4 Wands felt like a good card to reflect that – happy times, celebration, but not in a wild, ecstatic way, more in the warm, stable, secure atmosphere as surrounds family celebrations at their best.

The four wands are supports for a canopy, and the couple are strengthened by the structure, not enclosed by it. And they dance effortlessly, in perfect harmony.

This card speaks of all the positive aspects of marriage and family, those close relationships that form our sense of home.

Reversed, a sense of restriction, obligation – the family Christmas ordeals of my childhood perhaps? Celebrations, in other words, that weren’t.

I am thankful that they are not repeated in the home I have tried to build for my children. I hope that home, for them, is a place they can look forward to returning to, a safe haven, where they can dance effortlessly with their loved ones, in perfect harmony.

It’s good to have my little girl home. I miss Anne, my eldest who is so far away in England, but at the same time I know that the sense of home that she took with her is one that will bring her back to me in due course.

I ask for no more than that.