From the Gaian Tarot

Another beautiful card, especially in the Robin Wood deck. A woman rises out of a cauldron engulfed in flames with the phoenix behind her, and she is naked – stripped of all the murky layers we build around our true selves on this journey of life.

And so I think it is about two kinds of judgment. First, the judgment of the day of reckoning, when we are cleansed and renewed. Second, the quality of judgment when we are true to ourselves in our decision making processes.

One of the greatest insights about that ‘day of reckoning’ is that the only judge we each face at the end of this journey is our own Selves. God, in whatever form you choose to manifest that power, demands only the honesty or our naked souls, stripped of justifications and excuses. This card today made me think of all I went through after John left. At the time – for a long time – I felt I was destroyed, that I would never really recover. Now it feels like that whole trauma burned off all the layers covering my true Self all those years and gave me the freedom to be who I truly am. And of course one of the hardest aspects of that has been learning to trust my own decisions.

Reversed – a block on awareness of the true self, clouding a decision. Perhaps a fear of the cauldron of self-discovery.