from the Robin Wood deck

I had a very restless night – thinking of the card I lost yesterday and the Tower, as if there were some connection between them that I couldn’t see.

This morning I realised the connection was a numerological one – that the Tower (No. 16) is linked to the Chariot (No. 7) which of course ‘rules’ the 7 Pentacles.

So the disruption of the Tower is about shattering the certainties of youth, as symbolised by the Chariot which takes us out into the world.

I suppose that makes the Tower the card of the mid-life crisis, when we examine the personae created in our youth and realise we didn’t know it all, after all!

Sometimes that re-evaluation is forced upon us unexpectedly, for others it is a growing awareness that forms over time.

Either way, it’s an invitation for growth. I think the Tower reversed signifies a rejection of that invitation, which might seem the easier option in the short term, but surely must only postpone the inevitable.