From the Robin Wood deck

Like many of the Swords, this can seem to have a negative meaning. I think this is because the Swords are about thoughts, or the intellect, and that can too often mean assumptions or worrying.

I think the 5 Swords is about looking after your own interests and it’s hard to do that in a balanced, healthy way without sabotaging someone else’s interests.

The Heirophant governs the Fives and stands for society, our peers and institutions. In its positive aspect, the 5 Swords is about protecting your interests appropriately – recognising the needs of the one. But it also carries overtones (and pretty strong ones) of deceit, dishonesty and double dealing – either by you or against you.

It is a challenging one – I also see the positive (as I see it) role of the political agitator, questioning the status quo and going against the herd, standing up for his or her beliefs.