From the Robin Wood deck

Make that TWO red hot Queens – Janis spent the day with me, and since she’s an Aries to my Sagittarius, it was a sizzling combination.

So, what do we have in common? The less obvious quality was the willingness for all those years to turn our flames down to a simmer in service to our men.

The Queen of Wands has a great sense of duty and responsibility and, in the early stages of her journey, perhaps a lack of self confidence that makes it okay to deny her true self.

But my stars! Turn the gas up again and we blaze gloriously, don’t we? And something tells me we don’t make that mistake and live at a dim glow twice.

The Queen of Wands at her best has no fear of ruling alone, and no danger of being lonely.

We were reversed, but today we sparkled and shone and even a simple coffee became a celebration of life itself.

We must have been wonderful to watch.