From the Robin Wood deck

When the Knight becomes King, hopefully he now has time to enjoy the fruits of his labours. If he does, he is generous, warm, loyal and trustworthy (and always keeps a fine table!).

And that’s his lesson, I suppose, to be generous in our good fortune and take the time to savour it.

Reversed, stress, overtime – an early grave and a fat legacy.

I notice that I’ve drawn the Page, Knight and now King of Pentacles over the past days (with just a break for some Wands action) and I’m assuming that they are here because of the unexpected and growing possibility that I will in fact be able to go to the UK with Kate. And not necessarily thanks to John’s unexpected largesse. There is the possibility of a refund from the UK Inland Revenue… but would it be sensible to use that money on what could be seen as an extravagance?

The Pentacles court cards are about practical, tangible matters, and often they refer specifically to financial dealings. Well, a trip to the UK for a single mum who’s living on the pension would seem just the kind of effective marshalling of resources that this particular royal family would be best at.

I’m still thinking.