From the Robin Wood deck

The essence of this card came up in Typology when we were looking at the archetypal symbols of the spiral, circle, triangle, cross and square.

I placed them in that order of preference, so the Square of stability, security and the 4 Wands came last on my list.

That puts it squarely (ha ha) in the position of old, unfinished business.

It’s true that the need for stability and security isn’t a primary focus for me at the moment, in this time of learning and flux, so I suppose it’s interesting that this is the 4 Wands’ second appearance since I started this journal.

I think the stability and structure of the joy depicted in this card is something I’ve craved for a very long time and, in my marriage, spent a great deal of energy trying to create.

It’s not something I’m working on right now – not because I no longer want it, but because I now know that it needs to be based on something more solid than physical attraction, which I believe was at the heart of my relationship with John.

By learning to loosen up and worry less about structure, ironically I believe I will build something more stable and secure for myself and my children.

That’s the lesson of the 4 Wands – they dance, they don’t stand still. Fluidity, flexibility, movement, freedom. What can we build with these new tools?