From the Robin Wood deck

I might not want to think about stability and security right now, but obviously I’m supposed to!

So here he is, the male principle – disciplined, focused, the driving force, worldly wise.

Is he here today simply to tell me that I can take the woolly, touchy-feely girly thing too far?

Or do I need to work on my father issues?

One text I read pointed out that the astrological sign associated with the Emperor is Aries, the first sign in the Zodiac. That writer (whose details I don’t have, alas) suggested that this meant the qualities of the Emperor could be understood as being very similar to those of an infant – direct, energetic, focused, aggressive, but also tyrannical, impatient, demanding and controlling.

It seems to me that the challenge of the Emperor is to decide just what kind of boss you want to be (and, of course, what sort of boss you’re prepared to submit to). At this time in my life, I am well and truly the boss, and I think the Emperor is here today to remind me that the touchy-feely girly thing is all very well, but I have responsibilities which do require me to keep an eye on the basic structure of our lives as well.