From the Robin Wood deck

Well, it started in Flower Essences class at College with revising the Bottlebrushes – all about moving through major life transitions. Then my friend from the archery club Peter came round to take me out to lunch and immediately started talking about that very subject, about how he is coping with the break up of his marriage and his adjustment to the single life.

Then we met up with his friend Brad and his latest ‘lady friend’ Janet, and that encounter too seemed to be about how we make it through the curves life throws at you and stay in one piece.

Conclusion: Life, it’s a scary business. Ha ha. Not.


Each one of us at the table bears the scars of our last Tower moment. Thankfully, or hopefully, life doesn’t hold too many of them. And we’re all adjusting to our new realities as best we can.

I know nothing about Janet, but I fancy I sense her fear – and Brad’s too. The fear of being alone. I fear it too, but I fear ending up with the wrong person because of it a great deal more.

That’s not meant to be a judgment on their relationship at all, just a reflection on the sorts of conversations and thoughts we had today – about letting go and moving on, picking anything that’s worth saving out of the wreckage as we go.