From the Rider-Waite deck

Again! I can’t think what I’m supposed to have missed first time around – unless I’m to apply it to myself and then, yes, of course it depicts how I feel these days

I am transformed, triumphant and ready to take my place back out in the World. ‘Through trials unknown and troubles unnumbered I have made it here.’ And I have a new sense of my abilities and my worth.

Reversed – stagnation, a failure to recognise your potential, a fear of open spaces?

Reversed it makes me think of the days when I would have panic attacks when I went out in the day, and wake in the night in a sweat with my heart pounding following a dream of being a superhero who couldn’t find anywhere to change into her costume – while a child lay dying, waiting for me to save her.

May I say to myself today, ‘You’ve come a long way, baby!’