From the Robin Wood deck

Only the second in this challenging suit to come up, and although I thought I knew it well, I looked it up on Joan Bunning’s website to see what she had to say about it.

More than once, this lady has opened up some interesting new lines of thought, and this was no exception.

I suppose I’d always thought most about the ‘uneasy peace’ of this card, but Ms Bunning made me look at it in a very new way, and mostly because it seemed very close to home.

I’ve always described myself as a ‘terrible blanker’ and of course this is the blanker’s card.

The Twos are about synthesis, blending, but what happens when the intellect rules the process? The Twos demand surrender, loss of self, a trusting to intuition and this lady is having none of it.

She is perched precariously above the seething sea of the unconscious, presided over by the Moon, and no-one is getting close to her. She won’t even take off that blindfold and get a proper look at the situation.

Reversed? I think that would be the blindfold off and the guard down – whether for good or ill would have to depend on the other cards.