From the Robin Wood deck

Katie’s card! For Kate is indeed the Page of Wands personified – active, mischievous, fun loving and vibrant. Reversed, she can be uncontrollable and lack concentration, it’s true, but in her positive aspect – which, thankfully, is most of the time – there is always a laugh to be had when my Page of Wands is around.

She is the born Mistress of the Craic.

In the abstract, this Page is about news – letters, phone calls, messages of support, good wishes – and I think, good times with friends. The Page is here to remind us we’re not alone, and there’s very little that can’t be improved by sharing it with a good friend.

So what was the Page of Wands situation of the past two days? A lovely party at Michelle’s which was certainly presided over by the spirit of this fun and frolicsome Page.