From the Robin Wood deck

So now the set is complete – we’ve had all the other courts of this suit and today, of all days, comes the Queen.

She is Maryanne’s card and this is Maryanne’s day, as my mother calls it. The day Maryanne died four years ago. I hope she is here to remind me that my dear sister is still with us in spirit, but if so she is the only indicator of her presence.

So what else does she tell me? At Michelle’s party, Tina reminded me of the tithe, and said she had always done it, even when she was a struggling single mum. Tomorrow is my pay day and I have decided to do the same.

And today this Queen. I feel she is here to teach the meaning of Abundance. After all, it is what I make it and if I always have enough to give a tenth of it away, then I always have plenty.

She and the rest of her family have been telling me it’s time to get sensible with my spending. But the Queen’s message especially is about the warmth of conserving. It is not about doing without, it is about doing it different. And it is not about being miserly, it is about recognising what’s important.

With this Queen’s help, I can do that.