From the Robin Wood deck

Well, that’s better! I can’t decide whether things are really that bad, or whether it’s just my attitude – and then of course, there’s the possibility that a change in attitude is really all that’s ever required.

Today I felt much more balanced, which is what this card is all about.

The calm at the very centre, that’s what it says to me, and it’s interesting that it’s zodiac sign is my own, Sagittarius, which at first glance is so active and ‘out there.’

But of course, Sagittarius is also the philosopher sign, which is pretty thoughtful and ‘in here.’ This card exemplifies that air of having a foot in both camps, and comfort in all spheres.

I keep coming back to balance, and that surely is the key to health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And with balance comes the ability to fully enjoy all the fruits of this life.

But to achieve it requires discipline and vigilance, for with all things in flux, balance is not a static state.