From the Robin Wood deck

If I felt the 4 Swords Reversed was a very specific message for me, that message continues with the Ace of Wands. It is not only time for me to get back out in the World, it is time to do it with all my powers of energy and creativity restored. I am more ready than I know to be the person I was before, that’s what this Ace tells me.

This day I completed and mailed out the first ‘real’ newsletter for the archery club, and for the first time seriously realised that I could earn a bit of money doing newsletters and leaflets, etc, as one way of getting back into the real world on my own terms.

It’s been a while, and I admit I’ve been afraid, with or without any good reason it doesn’t matter. When your whole world is shattered, so is your confidence, take it from me.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed an Ace of Wands moment. A small one, but a telling indication that this bitch is, without question, well and truly on the way back.