From the Robin Wood deck

The bitch may be on her way back, but she’s still dragging her past behind her.

Very hard for me not to relate this card to people, and perhaps today it’s people I should think of – John, of course, and Peter. That’s the Cancer and the Scorpio taken care of. If there’s a Pisces out there with my name on him, I think I’ll pass, thanks.

Obviously I fall easily for the King of Cups, with his liquid eyes and open heart. But he’s too changeable – loving me one minute and someone else the next. Is it coincidental that should happen twice?

It’s not a very positive lesson to take from this watery King and I hope one day soon I can look at him more objectively, but for now put him aside – give me Wands and Swords, even Pentacles!

Give me something I can use, not emotional snot and trauma.