From the Robin Wood deck

The good news is it was reversed!

Now I’ve always found this to be an interesting card and have always understood it to signify poverty – from material to spiritual. It sure is miserable – the people on the card are in utter despair.

What I never appreciated before is that they are outside a church and – traditionally at least – a church is always open.

So something keeps them from seeking shelter. And here I sense the presence of the ‘ruling’ card, the Heirophant, who stands for institutions, peer group, ‘society.’

Society can be supportive and inclusive, but it can be cold too and judgmental. Then you might not feel able to step inside its constricting embrace.

But a church can also stand for your personal spirituality and relationship with the Infinite, and this card also says, no matter how bleak things seem, that light does shine on you and offer strength and comfort, if only you will turn and open yourself to it.