From the Bohemian Gothic deck

I read what Joan Bunning had to say about this Queen and, not for the first time, found she gave me some useful new insights.

Of course, a lot of what our Joan had to say was very familiar – I tend to forget that with Gemini rising I have a lot of the traits of this Queen.

So, what did she have to teach me today? It was a tough day. Of course, I’m grieving for Anne’s looming birthday, and that is a trigger for all my other losses.

Thanks, I think, to the Queen of Swords, I looked after myself quite well – I let myself be sad, and took the highly unusual step of taking my own advice and calling my friend Tina for a bit of support. In other words, I listened to my inner Queen of Swords.

Now here’s the best bit: my inner Queen of Swords used to be a hyper-critical, negative bitch. Today she seemed a much wiser, kinder Queen.

But I can’t finish without relating my tragic lunchtime wander up the Mall towards the place where Peter works. I was just wandering and thinking generally how much I could use a hug or a friendly word when it occurred to me that if I kept going, technically not too far out of my way, I might just bump into him.

As soon as I had the thought my feet veered left down a safer street and my inner voice said, ‘Why on Earth would I want to trek down there on the off-chance of bumping into some wrinkly old jerk who dumped me on Christmas Day?’

And I laughed.

Now THAT was a Queen of Swords moment.