From the Robin Wood deck

Today, of course, threatened to be difficult, as it was Anne’s 18th birthday. And, as a card to mark her transition to adulthood, the Chariot is hard to beat.

It’s about the unshakeable confidence of youth, of setting out into the world bursting with energy, enthusiasm and élan. It’s also about control, discipline and mastery. The challenge of the Chariot is that part, because the arrogance of youth can make you feel more in control than you actually are.

And reversed, the Chariot can denote an over-reliance on drink and drugs, often due – I think – to a lack of confidence in being out in the world.

And actually, in the end, it wasn’t such a difficult day. It was a good card for me too, about moving forward with confidence and self-discipline and pride, in the case of Anne, in a job very well done.