From the Rider-Waite deck

Are we still on Anne at the start of her adult journey? Or is the Fool for me and my first cleaning job, my going out on a limb and calling the grief centre about a work placement, or my new CD – a bootleg Bob Dylan concert at the Festival Hall in 1978. I’ve been listening to it and remembering what it was like to be there that night, 15 and free and far away from those crazy people called my parents.

I don’t know – I’m tired and ready for bed. The Fool seems a big card for a quiet Monday, but I hope he sets the theme for the week.

I should like a week ruled by the Fool – spontaneous, anarchic, joyous. Last time I drew this card I thought of the Fool’s honesty without consequences. This time I think also of the more general suspension of accepted rules and order. The Fool challenges us to break out of our comfort zone and do something new, exciting, even extraordinary.

Sounds good to me!