From the Robin Wood deck

It seems to me that the Swords suit is difficult precisely because we tend to complicate matters by our thoughts. And that seems to be a question of control.

It is a goal of meditation to still the mind, to quieten the ceaseless – and often negative – chatter of our self-talk.

The question again is of mastery and control. Does our intellect serve us by more clearly helping us to discern a situation and take appropriate action, or are we at the mercy of a nagging, hypercritical, frightened inner voice of doom?

Like the 2 Swords, the woman on this card is blindfolded and at the mercy of that inner voice. She can’t see the rays of sunlight shining through those storm clouds, nor can she judge whether those waters around her are rising or receding.

If the Eights are about strength and judgment, this woman is not using her judgment and it’s sapping her strength.

Again, as on the 2 Swords, she can remove her blindfold and use her intellect to properly assess the situation and formulate an appropriate response.