From the Robin Wood deck

It’s very hard to be objective about this card – mainly because I fancy the 7 Swords’ handsome thief in the Robin Wood Tarot something rotten!

So I thought a lot this morning about why that should be so – and of course it’s because he’s the Outlaw, that figure of romance and adventure.

But what does that mean in terms of the suit of Swords and the Chariot, ruler of the Sevens?

The Chariot stands for the triumph of the Ego, but manifested in the Swords he slinks over the wall, away from the rest of society, possibly with stolen property under his cloak. There doesn’t, at first glance, seem any connection but there must be.

So what happens when the intellect gets involved in the confident stepping out into the world of the Chariot? I think you find the strength of character to walk alone.

At its most positive, the 7 Swords is the ideal of the Outlaw – with a strict moral code that separates him from the merely criminal, and a healthy contempt of handed down strictures and constraints.

Reversed, this sexy card tells of dishonesty and deceit. It carries a warning – either to watch your own behaviour or that of those close to you.