From the Robin Wood deck

This card is exhausting, with all that struggle that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

All the Fives seem to be difficult, a reflection I suppose of the challenge of finding your place in society – between the human desire to belong, to conform, and the demands of your individuality.

The Fives are ruled by the Heirophant, who stands for the strictures and structures of society.

The best way I can understand this struggle is by thinking of a child starting school. The smallest thing feels monumentally difficult and it must also feel as though it will never get easier.

And yet, from experience, I can say things do get easier with time, that the impasse depicted on the 5 Wands will not endure – it must give, one way or another.

Therefore, I would say that while this card upright speaks of struggle, conflict, frustration and blocked energies, Reversed it must signal a resolution of some kind, an unblocking.