From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

Now don’t get excited, it did come out reversed, so I suspect it doesn’t herald the start of a new relationship!

But today seemed to be all about old relationships, and perhaps that’s one aspect of the Lovers reversed.

I don’t have them that often, but every now and again – like today – I have what can only be described as a Grief Day.

It started with a few tears over Anne, whom I haven’t heard from for weeks, and moved on, as it always does, to include Maryanne, John, Grandma – and even that bloody Peter, the Christmas Day Dumper. From the very large to the very small!

I don’t think dealing with past hurts means an end to tears, and I think days like today are healthy – just sadness for loves lost, not bitterness or any destructive emotion, and I was done by lunchtime and would describe the rest of the day as highly enjoyable.

So is that resonant of the Lovers Reversed? I think so – it makes sense to me that it should be about the endings of relationships, and the difficulties of letting them go.

Speaking personally, my own challenge seems to be to learn to allow myself grieving time – there is a lot of sadness in my life and I need to trust myself to grieve appropriately and know that I won’t ‘wallow’ in it. Today was a good demonstration of my ability to do just that.