From the Robin Wood deck

There may be no Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome on the lurk but Love is in the Air and I celebrate it.

The song that came to me on the way to college was ‘I Feel Pretty’ from West Side Story.

Of course this Ace is about Love in all its forms, not only romantic love, and that exuberant, bursting, spilling over the edges feeling of loving – and of being loved.

I kept coming back to Maria’s song when considering this card today  –

I feel charming and entrancing,

feeling like running and dancing for joy

For I’m loved by a pretty wonderful boy!

That seemed to be its key message for me today – that it is as important to be loved as to love. In other words, to love wisely. Notice how the other person in your relationship treats you and speaks about you and demonstrates their love for you.

Notice well – because too often, as I know to my cost, love becomes a blindfold on to which we project all our hopes and dreams and never really see the person behind the expectation.

On this card, the overflowing cup rises out of the water, but so do the lotuses, symbols of our quest for enlightenment, for reconnection with the Infinite.

At its most profound level, this card speaks of universal love and its message to me today is that love relationships at their best are a reflection of that state.

So what was today’s key subject at college? Relationships!

Our exercise was to reflect on our most satisfying relationship, and I chose Anne, my faraway daughter, although the faraway bit is not very satisfying!

I even enjoyed the drawing exercise which I usually detest, thanks to an astonishing level of crapness when it comes to the visual arts!

It was very beautiful to reflect on what was so special about our relationship, and to realise that I can use it as a bit of a road map for other relationships in my life (apart from the giving birth part, of course).