From the Peanuts Tarot

This card is about Ego strength and therefore also about boundaries – a lesson I need to work on, which is probably why it turns up so often.

The Charioteer travels through the world, in control of himself and his ‘stuff’ and loving the adventure.

Today this card came out Reversed, however, and the theme for today was the difficulty of forming and maintaining relationships – and that is really about insufficient Ego strength and poorly defined boundaries.

I took Kate to South Bank and at the last minute she invited her friend Zack along. I felt that I was reduced to ‘child minder’ and was very resentful as I sat in the (glorious) sunshine reading my textbook on Relationship Issues and considering these weighty matters of Ego Strength and Boundaries.

But turning from the theoretical to my real relationship with Kate, I was unfair. She is not a substitute for an adult relationship. She is a 12 year old girl and she has every right to play at South Bank with her friend. I was wrong to feel jealous because she preferred that to wandering the markets with me.

So today’s lesson was definitely about my lack of ego strength and my shoddy boundaries.

Incidentally, the Chariot can also indicate a journey. Since it was reversed, it might be significant that a revised itinerary for our UK trip turned up today…