From the Robin Wood deck

Another example of an important aspect of a card slipping by me completely unnoticed – until pointed out by the delightful Ms Bunning.

I got the trickiness of it, but I never for a moment thought it might be fun!

But, looking at the 2 Pentacles times in my life – when I was juggling with babies, marriage, home and work – I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the sense of being good at all those things and, above all, being good at balancing them all.

The 2 Pentacles reversed was no fun at all and perhaps that’s why I neglected the ‘fun’ aspect of this card until now. To get up on that tightrope and start juggling is to risk over-extending myself again, and the past four years have been about keeping life as simple as possible.

But this year is about getting back up there – with the wisdom this time to recognise my limits.

That’s my 2 Pentacles lesson for today – get out there, show what you can do, have fun and accept all offers of help. No-one expects me to do it all alone.