From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

I’ve drawn this exciting card before, but its relationship to today was certainly not immediately apparent.

Although I did not draw it Reversed, at first glance that would have seemed more appropriate. I awoke with terrible sciatica – for the first time in ages – and all the consequent lack of energy. And Jess stayed home – too tired for school after yesterday’s late return from the annual show. Hardly the action suggested by the 8 Wands.

And then Peter phoned – his friend Chris is coming to town and he invited me to go out for a drink with them when he gets here. So I was forced to confront my continuing problem with this ex-relationship.

The 8 Wands is about progress – and that means endings as well as beginnings. Why can’t I move on? It seems that I am unable to forgive unless I am begged for forgiveness. This is a lesson I need urgently to learn. Whether Peter hurt me intentionally or unintentionally, by making assumptions and failing to ask questions I implicitly gave my permission for him to act as he did.

My lesson: The person I really need to forgive is myself. Maybe this card today is just telling me to get on with it.