From the Robin Wood deck

From the Robin Wood deck

Yesterday was a bit chaotic, and I drew the Knight before writing up the Chariot, so they were both operating today. 

And for the first time in recent memory, I got dressed up to go out! And ain’t it always the way – not one engagement, but two. 

First, I went to a masked ball – Knight of Cups territory personified! Everyone was so beautiful, including the men who were also dressed up, and the house had been decorated into a romantic paradise. 

There was a Phantom of the Opera, a Hannibal Lecter, superheroes and villains, colourful waistcoats, beautiful dresses and feathers and sequins in abundance. 

I wore a little satin dress covered in black and white squares like a chessboard that I picked up for ten bucks in a charity shop once and a simple white mask with white feathers that I could easily remove for my next engagement – Peter, Chris (who gave me even more Bob Dylan bootlegs!) and a city pub of the ‘old school,’ complete with tiles on the wall and floors, a crap band and a barful of the lonely and desperate. 

Now I was in the territory of the Chariot reversed. 

If it hadn’t been so foul, it would have been comical. The ‘oops’ from Peter when he saw me all dressed up was audible. And then he said, “if you’d dressed like that I would have taken you anywhere.” 

“I laughed and said, “if you’d taken me anywhere I would have dressed like this.” 

He proceeded to get blind drunk – to the extent of falling over while attempting to dance – and making it extremely easy for me to finally get my ‘moving on’ process done with. What did I ever see in the jerk? 

Out of my two playgrounds for the evening, I know which one I preferred…