From the Robin Wood Tarot

I drew this card Reversed and I feel I was given a beautiful lesson in what this card means.

Upright, it’s about taking a stand, fighting for what you believe in.  It’s also about defending yourself against attack. There is a time for conflict and there is a time to lay down your weapons and leave the field.

The challenge of the Sevens is to learn mastery and control of yourself, of your situation. When the Seven of Wands is in play, we can feel under seige from all sides.

That’s how I felt when John left me for the Woman I Do Not Name and my world came crashing down. I believe it’s common to react as I did, so that every single word or action from them seemed to be aimed deliberately at hurting me.

It’s taken a long time  – four years – to realise that the battle is long over and it is time to lay down my weapons. I am a long way – 1o,000 miles – from the field of battle and I don’t need to be on constant alert anymore.

And from this distance, I can see that she did not steal my husband because she hated me or wanted to hurt me. I was merely collateral damage, along with my children, her children, and her husband.

Nevertheless, they behaved as my enemies. I was under seige. I can see from this distance that every poisoned lie they told was aimed at making them look less like the bad guys. But simply by refusing to counter-attack I did win that battle and long ago.

These were the thoughts I was having today, and all because I was contemplating the Taoist lesson of wu-wei – through inaction causing – and how intuitively in my dark days I had somehow followed that philosophy in total ignorance and it had indeed proved stronger than any attack I could have mounted.

So on my way to college I vowed to consciously this time apply the concept of wu-wei in future. I will trust that the things I desire will come in time if I remain true to myself and my principles and live in an honest way. Instead of striving for a new relationship or a new career I will trust that I am on the road to these things and work at being ready for them when they arise.

So, that’s the background. Here’s the lesson – when I arrived at college I found a beautiful gift awaiting me. It was something I wanted very much but had no way of affording anytime soon.  The Universe gave me a beautiful gift – just what I wanted – with a little help from my dear friend Little Miss Indigo.

I had told her that I wanted the Bush Flower Essences cards but, since I couldn’t afford them, would trust in the Universe to provide them when the time was right.

Thank you Little Miss Indigo for my beautiful new cards and thank you to the  7 Wands Reversed for giving me a lovely lesson about relinquishing control of the Ego and putting my faith in a gentle and loving Higher Power.