From the Robin Wood Tarot

Now that I have the beautiful Bush Flower Essences cards, I thought I’d have one of those every day too.

So, straight off it proved worthwhile as both cards today complemented each other and encapsulated today’s learning.

I had drawn the Sun Reversed, and it was accompanied by Isopogon, which is about the ability to learn from past experience.

And in Relationship Issues at college, Brian lectured us on communication, reminding us how the expectations and learned patterns from the past can obscure our attempts to communicate in our relationships of the present. And isn’t that the situation of the Sun Reversed – the brilliance of our true selves obscured from ourselves and each other by assumptions and misunderstandings, most of them formed long ago in completely different relationships?

Isopogon would help to bring those patterns to awareness – into the light – and grant the freedom to choose new ways of communicating.