From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

It didn’t seem to be much of a day for the impetuous Knight of Wands, unless you count his stirring in young Kate’s breast. We had an ‘adolescent moment’ over whether her friend Emily should sleep over.

Or perhaps he turned up to bless the first Saturday of opening up the archery club for our new taster days, which went really well.

The key to the Knight, I think, is that he is ruled by his gut instincts, not his head. He doesn’t stop to think things through and he wants it all and he wants it now. Positive or negative, he’s a rusher and a doer and, if he wasn’t so charming – and charmed – it would certainly all end in tears.

Today’s flower, Hibbertia, seems an excellent remedy for this knight, as it integrates the head and the heart for true wisdom.

Perhaps it would help to temper the Knight of Wands’ enthusiasm with a little more regard for consequences!