From the Robin Wood deck

What a beautiful, inspiring day.

The Ace was immediately obvious but it took me a little longer to place today’s Bush flower – Mulla Mulla – into context. Once I did, however, it chimed perfectly.

Mulla Mulla is associated with a fear of fire and heat, while of course the Ace of Pentacles stands for abundance, both physical and spiritual.

For the first time in ages, I woke early and meditated. Instead of my usual style of meditation, I turned my attention specifically to the 1st Chakra and left the house determined that I would make an effort to be aware of its energy throughout the day.

After College my friends and I went for a lovely drive in the country and ended up at a place that did aura photographs. My aura  is so beautiful, so calm and serene. The colours are blues, greens, purples and there is such a sense of balance and restfulness.

I am so happy with it. As soon as I saw it knew I was on the right path and then the girl who took the photograph said exactly the same thing.

Next I found the most beautiful bracelet – for exactly the price I could afford.

And how could I afford these things with an easy conscience? Yesterday my cheque from the UK taxman arrived! Not a vast sum, but enough to fund my expenses when I take Kate back to the UK to see her dad at Christmas. So that is a very big financial weight off my mind.

Abundance, physical and spiritual.

Now to Mulla Mulla – I am reading Rosalyn Bruyere, who says the 1st Chakra is associated with Fire, rather than Earth, as I always thought. She also says the lesson of the 1st Chakra is about power – of not being afraid of your power and learning to use it wisely.

I must learn to use the fire and not to fear it! I trust I have the wisdom to use it well.