From the Robin Wood Tarot

After the disturbance of the past few days, this lovely card heralded a return to calm and I did indeed feel more balanced and at peace.

The 10 Cups is the fulfilment of the promise of the Ace, and the lesson here for me is that the fulfilment is to be found in the family.

With all that preoccupation and panic of late, it was nice to come back to the important stuff and my beautiful Kate reminded me of just what’s important when she presented me with a  Father’s Day card that she made just for me.

I am indeed blessed with the fulfilment promised by the 10 Cups and I give thanks for it… though not nearly often enough.

And Red Grevillea – why that helps us to find the strength to leave stuck situations. That’s something I didn’t have in my marriage it’s true, but I have recognised at last this week that it was indeed time to move on.

If I feared that our new family situation would harm Kate, my Father’s Day card alleviates that concern. She says clearly in it that she knows I’m not her dad, but I do the job so well. It’s not what I wished for her. I know there’s no replacing a Dad and it will always make me angry with him that he did not and does not understand that.

But nevertheless, having come out the other side of all that trauma and pain, I thank him. I lacked the strength and boldness to get out of a marriage that had run its course. But thank you John. You didn’t leave in strength and boldness. You left because your mistress forced your hand and that’s something I’ll always despise you for.

But today I thank them both. My cheating, lying ex-husband and his cheating lying married lover. I thought John’s departure marked the end of my happy family. Instead, it marked the beginning. We are so much happier now. I hope the same is true of her ex-husband and I hope John is decent to her children where he fails his own.

But, unexpectedly, I can now say thank you John, for propelling me out of that stuck marriage and into a much happier relationship with my daughters.