From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

The Fours are about stability and restriction, and Reversed, as I drew the 4 Wands today, they’re probably more about restriction.

Thinking about what that means puts me in mind of the archery club. To newcomers like myself and the rest of the Plotters, the established order there is frustrating – restriction. To the older members, it’s what they know, as natural as breathing – stability.

But when stability becomes stagnation, change is required, so the 4 Wands Reversed should not necessarily be seen as a negative.

 The reality is we need to attact new members and we want more families. That means we need to offer social activities, competitions and proper training. It’s changing, and it’s changing quickly, but these are necessary changes if the club’s to survive.

And Banksia Robur? For the Old Guard, fearful of change, and the Young Turks, fighting against the tide, energy levels and enthusiasm must inevitably flag. Banksia Robur to give us the boost we need to restore our sense of why we’re involved in the first place… which, after all, is to have fun, isn’t it?