From the Robin Wood Tarot

The Strength card in the Robin Wood deck is extremely lovely. My daughter Kate was with me this morning when I drew it and she was telling me about it – ‘her’ card she calls it, because it is governed by Leo.

So today’s entry is about Kate, who likes this card for the same reasons I do – because the lion is tamed by gentleness, not brute force. We see it as a celebration of  inner strength and resilience. I also see power restrained by wisdom.

Kate played with her dolls’ house today, for the first time in a good long while. I believe it’s because puberty is about to happen, that today’s card spoke to her on some level to say that the time for dolls’ houses will soon be gone.

The time for Strength and Mint Bush – which eases the turmoil of major changes, from spiritual awakenings to the emotional confusions of life’s transitions – will be soon enough upon us.

My tempestuous little Leo could face a difficult time.