From the Robin Wood Tarot

A timely warning. I didn’t have a card or a flower for yesterday – but these two would have been ideal.

Once again, Business Studies – the only practical unit in my hippie counselling course –  sent me into a panic and I ended up snapping at one of the women in the class.

I know what’s going on – a combination of difficult family issues being triggered by the subject and the fear of leaving College.

The family issues are all about my capability of looking after myself – once this course is over that’s exactly what I have to get on with, and it looms. And of course, this subject is all about the things I have always assumed I’m no good at – business plans and finance and dealing with money. I’m afraid, I admit it. I have been in hiding and it’s been great – and necessary – but it can’t go on forever.

It’s taken me a little longer to take action – and it’s the action suggested by the 4 Swords – rest and recuperation and some inner regrouping.

The relevance of Slender Rice Flower took a little longer to establish but the events of the day chimed in accord. I was prepared to think that the whole problem is my attitude to the business class, but it is a different bunch of people to the ones I’ve been travelling with these past two years.

Slender Rice Flower is about group harmony and conflict resolution, and there is something very disharmonious about this group. It is certainly possible that the problem is merely that I’m not used to them, but I don’t think it’s just that.

My friends advise changing to a later class and I agree. There is something really unpleasant about the energy of this group and with everything else I’m struggling with, it’s probably best to hang up my sword and withdraw, quietly and without fuss.