From the Robin Wood Tarot

The 7 Cups was Reversed, which is about ungrounded fantasising and fancies – a dangerous way of coping when the here and now gets too tricky, as it undoubtedly has been for me lately.

And Bottlebrush is to help cope with change, so what I see here is a warning and a support: a warning not to retreat into old patterns of coping, and an assurance that help is at hand as I try and do things differently.

So, what am I doing differently? Recognising the symptoms of imbalance straight away deserves a huge tick (√) and understanding them gets another (√).

This is a tricky time – there are changes looming and decisions to be faced and made – with College coming to an end and Jason’s visit only weeks away.

And my friend Simon observed that the Liver is involved in direction and decision, so no wonder the old Liver imbalance symptoms emerge as I struggle with the looming prospect of deciding what to do next with my life, as my course nears its end.

A final tick for taking action (√): I’ve given up coffee (two weeks off it and then I’ll stick to a maximum of three cups a week), red wine (likewise), chocolate – all too stressful to my system at the moment. I’m drinking dandelion root tea, boosting my supplements and making sure I have ‘chill’ time.

I’m even trying to organise some Acupuncture.

Tick one extra box for love and luck (√). ♥