From the Robin Wood Tarot

What a troublesome card, and one of the few where I prefer the traditional depiction, with its echo of the couple on the Lovers card, to Robin Wood’s,

But Wood’s couple are not chained at all, so I suppose it is even more obvious that it is their own desires that keep them from the light.

I drew the Devil Reversed and I read in one text that it could signify the ‘wilder shores of sexual excess’ – which it obviously doesn’t at the moment – ha ha!

What comes to me instead is this – I have more than once thought that John was very much my partner for the physical plane but I hope one day to meet the partner for my soul. Meantime, this card speaks to me of  a shedding of the illusions of the world – the idea that possessions bring security – and leaving me free to follow my heart.

And Jacaranda AGAIN – a message this morning to get on with my assignments, I think!