From the Hello Kitty Tarot

I was really pleased to get this card today, as I thought it would be a challenging one (and it was Reversed, so I figured it couldn’t herald anything too bad!).

As usual, when in doubt I turned to the excellent Joan Bunning and, as usual, her view of it resonated strongly with me.

She spoke of an underlying humour in the card, which initially was a surprise, but made a lot of sense when I thought about it.

Ten swords in the back is excessive, so one way to read this card is as a gentle nudge that you may be making more of your troubles than strictly necessary. I think there are two possibilities when this card appears, and circumstances should make it obvious which one applies.

If you have truly been beset by troubles, then the 10 Swords carries a promise that the worst is over.

If you are catastrophising and feeling overwhelmed by circumstance, then Jacaranda would help to bring your thoughts – the province of the Swords – into focus and provide clarity and perhaps a new way of looking at things.

For myself, I’ll take the nudge and recognise that things ain’t so bad. I may be desperately unlucky in love – and largely by my own doing – but I’m pretty comfortable otherwise with the life I’m building. I’ll try and keep things in perspective and remember that lovelorn ain’t so rare a condition in this funny old world. There’s plenty out there who’d envy me for just the taste of love and here I am weeping that it’s not a feast.