From the Robin Wood Tarot

I don’t feel that I understand the 9 Cups this evening any better than I did this morning when I drew it (Reversed).

Apparently, it’s sometimes known as the Wish card, because it often signifies that your wish will come true. But it can also mean smugness and over-indulgence – or deprivation and depletion when Reversed.

Well, depleted is a good word for today – the news from Dad has hit me hard and I’m feeling exhausted and small.

If that’s the meaning of the 9 Cups for me today, then Red Suva Frangipani sounds helpful, as it nurtures and gives strength to cope with relationship upheaval, including the raw emotional turmoil of the death of a loved one.

The raw emotional turmoil I feel as I come to terms with the very real prospect of losing my father counts, I guess.