From the Robin Wood deck

I drew the Ace reversed and, with Banksia Robur, it could be taken as a continuing comment on my devastation at the news from my dad. Banksia Robur gives strength, which I need, and the Ace of Pentacles – even reversed – opens my eyes to the support I have around me, specifically from my friends.

Because my band of brothers from the archery club came round for dinner tonight… and Simon brought my new bow.  That special feeling of blessedness which came with it seems to relate particularly to the Ace of Pentacles.

Simon said he’d make a bow for me as beautiful as Galahad, my beloved longbow, and he has. She is breath-taking. She glows like fire and her nocks are a deep, dark red. She carries a special magic and here I will acknowledge it – she was made with love, that is as plain as day.

I feel humbled, but not embarrassed, to have inspired something so special.

I dedicate her, accordingly, to the Mistress of Love and the Hunt, and ask for her blessing and her help to always treat Simon with kindness and respect, and do nothing – consciously or unconsciously – to cause him pain.