From the Robin Wood Tarot

The Swords in their reversed aspect do seem to be largely about fear, and this King was drawn reversed, in partnership with the Essence for deep-seated, traumatic fear or terror.

When I think of the Reversed King of Swords I imagine a smooth-talking man who uses his gifts of language and intellect to manipulate and possibly deceive. In other words, the positive gifts of the Swords – clarity, insight, communication – are blocked or misdirected.

Grey Spider Flower tells me to look within that man, and recognise the fear of being hurt that drives him.

My interpretation today is of a man beset by his own thoughts and fears and, of course, no matter how bravely he speaks I don’t doubt my father is suffering a long and frightening dark night of the soul.

Grey Spider Flower restores faith, calm and courage and is an appropriate remedy to help this king face his greatest challenge.