From the Peanuts Tarot

Another journey card! When my daughter Kate and I are indeed about to set off on a journey – and a momentous one for each of us.

She will be visiting her father for the first time in two years and, unlike the last time, she won’t have her sister Anne with her. I think it will be hard. At worst she could feel like a stranger in her father’s house. Past experience says that’s likely and I’m really worried but I’m trying very hard to be honest and realistic with her, but not to reinforce her fears.

At least she has a bolthole at Anne’s place.

And me? I’m looking forward to seeing Anne and the friends I left behind but most of all I’m looking forward to seeing Jason. This isn’t how this trip was planned and it seems so strange that it’s got such a romantic focus to it now. I can’t wait to see him and yet I know this is only going to end in tears. My heart is breaking ahead of time.

But these are yesterday’s concerns – 6 Swords territory.

Today the Fool says lighten up everyone, Christmas is coming.

It’s time to be playful and enjoy ourselves – Kate will be ok. I’m sure she’ll have some difficult, if not bad, moments and I’m sure she’ll also have a good time. And she’s got Anne and I’m sure I’ll be able to see her a couple of times before we meet again at the airport in January. So, I must encourage her to focus on the good things ahead and I must do the same.

My trip to England will therefore be undertaken in the spirit of the Fool – unburdened as far as possible by any consideration of what will come after.

We’ve had his holiday romance which started this whole mess when he came over in October and now it’s time for my holiday romance! How wonderful to be involved in two holiday romances, each one with my perfect guy! Some people would be pretty happy with one of those, so I’ll regard myself as doubly blessed.

Once again, the two cards have a clear connection. The Fool is a good representation of the positive outcome of Billy Goat Plum – the acceptance of self, specifically one’s physical body.

After all, how can you step out into the World and embrace all its gifts if you reject the primary one of your own physical body?