From the Robin Wood Tarot

The creative spark, the beginning of action – the Ace of Wands is a VERY exciting card.

Bluebell is a beautiful flower and opens the heart Chakra, promoting joyful abundance and universal love.

Both cards confirm that this journey of mine is above all one of playfulness and fun, the complete opposite of the journey I took when I left England.

That journey was a leap of faith into the unknown, taken when my spirit was at rock bottom and I was physically and emotionally drained.

I return to England, not at full strength, but in better shape than I’ve been for a long time. I go back as living, glowing proof that I made the right decision.

I’m also confident it was the right decision for my daughters. Without the turmoil of those last years in England, they’ve grown and strengthened. Whatever challenges they face, they know there is a safe haven when they need it and that makes any journey easier.

I was thinking about how the Ace of Wands and Bluebell might be related and suddenly remembered the words of an old friend in England – ‘Love isn’t just feelings, love is action.’

Love is action – and that idea unites Bluebell and the Ace of Wands in a very beautiful and profound way.