From the Peanuts Tarot

Another journey card…

And the last before Kate and I head for the airport and the UK.

I’ve done everything I can to make the journey easy for my daughter and I’m confident that she’ll be fine. I hope, of course, that she and her father can finally have that conversation about why he left and why it never had anything to do with her. And of course how important she is to him. If that doesn’t happen and if she feels out of place with his new partner and her children, her big sister is standing by and in any case will be spending as much time with Kate as she can.

That’s one part of our journey that Kate is unequivocal about. She can’t wait to see Anne and needless to say neither can I!

I’ve also been very sensible and asked Jason to wait for me out of sight while I hand Kate over to her dad at the airport. I don’t think the poor child needs the added stress of being piggy in the middle amongst a bunch of posturing grown-ups – not that I think Jason would posture, but John would and, no matter how much I’d like to think otherwise, so would I.

Particularly if that woman is with him – the one I cannot bring myself to dignify with a name.

The imaginary scene is a delicious one – what better way to let them know that I’ve survived with no visible scars? Without a word  I could convey everything I’d like to, just by having handsome single childless Jason turn up to collect me in his little red sports car.

It stays imaginary. Kate’s ease is a lot more important than my cheap point-scoring. And Jason – my perfect guy  – understands instantly. Not for a second does he even suggest that I’m trying to hide him or any other pouncey flouncey nonsense that I might expect from some people I have known.

So, with all the sensible bits done it’s time for the exciting journey of the Chariot.

This card embodies all the confidence and exuberance of stepping out into the World – it’s the card of adolesence, adventure and risk taking, in all their positive aspects because today’s card was upright.

And Bauhinia… well, the perfect companion once again. Bauhinia helps to restore that youthful openness to change and new ideas that the Chariot is all about.

Two very good cards to have by me as I look forward to our trip.

This will be my last entry for 2010. I’ll be back around the middle of January, no doubt full of romantic foolishness.

Until then, I wish you a peaceful and fulfilling holiday season.