From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

So, I am back… glad to be so but full of pain for leaving behind the man I love.

I was crying when I drew these cards – crying for all that I have lost, crying for the words I never pressed him to say, the things I saw in his eyes every time he looked at me. Now I have nothing – no words and only shadows of memory.

I hoped for some comfort and drew Strength. Not only does it speak of the inner resources I know I possess and must draw on, it is also the card of Leo – Jason’s sign.

And that gave a reassuring nudge to my spirit too. Distance cannot rob me of everything and this man and I share something that transcends even 10,000 miles.

Next I drew the pretty little Bluebell, which quietly and gently opens the heart and releases the fears that can stop us loving where we will. I dried my tears – not completely – but I have left behind that dark despair. Pain I can cope with, but not despair.

I will trust to love and fate.