From the Robin Wood Tarot

Today I did feel that I’d turned a corner after all the misery of the past week, and I would equate my change of attitude to the positive aspect of the King of Swords.

That surely is the ability to assess your situation realistically and not to be a slave to your emotions or to the tendency to catastrophise and dwell on the negative. So I was very receptive to this kind of energy today.

Which was a good thing, because I went house hunting – and may just have found the perfect place in, all of places, Flower Street. I say I found it, but it’s hard to shake the idea that in some way I was led there.

I set off with my good friend Simon to look at houses for rent in a number of suburbs and this one just wasn’t one of them. Instead, I happened to notice it at the top of a list of available properties in one of the agents we visited, with an open inspection in just half an hour’s time.

Simon was doing the driving and he thought we should go and have a look because, on paper, it sounded so ideal for me. It’s an old farmhouse, the very thing I’ve always dreamed of. There are frangipani trees in the yard and purple cupboards in the kitchen.

Bush Fuchsia makes its influence felt here, because it helps you to trust your intuition – and mine is telling me, loud and clear, to take this house!