From the Victorian Romantic Tarot

I am struggling a bit to relate the impetuous, courageous Knight of Wands with the energy of the past two days – unless I count Alexander the Great, as I watched the Oliver Stone movie again last night!

Mountain Devil struck a particular chord, however. It is a powerful remedy for bitterness and hatred – of the sort that accompanies the break-up of a marriage.

I got my reply from John and it did stir up feelings of bitterness and hatred in me – unwelcome and unlooked for.

He ignored everything I said about my financial situation and how difficult I’m going to find it now that Kate’s in high school. Instead, he took my email as a whinge about how hard it is to be single and blathered on about how I shouldn’t worry because someone with my looks and intelligence will be able to find someone easily.

So that’s alright then – nothing to worry about.

Perhaps the meaning I should take from the Knight of Wands is that I acted rashly in replying so quickly. Perhaps I should have sat with it a little longer.

Ah well, Fortune favours the bold, but the bold must live with the consequences.